Thursday, February 12, 2015


Here Comes 8767 As Suggested Yesterday

First Hour Critical On Friday
If NF Remains Above 8720 For First Hour It Should Decisively Cross 8767 And Reach 8140-8160 Zone

If NF Remains In A Small Range On Friday The New Zone May Come On Monday

8626 On Closing Basis Is The Level To Be Kept As SL For All Longs

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Nifty Futures Have Shown A Good Comeback After Panic Lows Around 5498 On 10th Feb Onwards

Big Question is How Do We Determine Weather We Have A New Rally Coming Up Or Its Just A Pause & We Will See One More Low Before Some Sort Of PRE-BUDGET Rally UnFolds ?

As Shown On This 15 Minute Chart Nifty Is @ The GAP & First Confirmation of Further Up Move Will Come If NF Manages to Close An Hour Above 8705

Expect 8767 First On An Hourly Close Above 8705

Fireworks To Be Seen If NF Somehow Manages An EOD Close Above 8767

I Strongly Feel That We Are Bound To See Nifty Touching its 200 Day EMA But I Am Not Sure If It Happens Pre Budget Or Post Budget


Right @The Top Again I Clearly Warned That A Sharp Reversal Was Due Again And Indeed We Have Witnessed A Strong Down Move

Support Zone Of 8626+ Was Violated After A Big Gap Down Movement And NIFTY Tanked 100+ more points Below 8626

In A Bull Trend Its To Be Considered As First Warning Bell When A Strong Daily Support Zone Does Not Work As Supports

Yesterdays Strong 450+ Nifty Points Volatility Suggests Some Kind Of Bottom Formation But It Will Be Only A Pause If NIFTY Future Can Not Close Above 8722 In Next Few Days

Sunday, February 1, 2015

WATCH 8689-8626 For NIFTY To Decide Trend

A Very Sharp One Day Correction In Nifty On Expected Lines

Will it Be a One-Two Days Event ? Or Will Be More Severe ?

8689-8626 NIFTY Levels Has The Clue

If NIFTY Can Not Take Support At This Zone We Are Bound To See A Very Sharp "V" Shape Down Move Before We Have A Pre Budget "LOWER TOP" Formation On The Charts