Monday, July 27, 2015


In My Last Update I Mentioned That If NF Can Cross 8482 We will See 8900 Easily.

It Was A Little Over Enthusiastic Target Set Up
NF Faltered Around 8665 And With Multiple Highs Around 8665 Followed By A Strong Down Move Especially Closing Below 8482 Generates Serious Danger Signals For Our Markets

As Shown On BANK NIFTY & NIFTY Charts The LAST UpMove Was INFACT A Rising Channel Which Was Bearish

A Break Down Today Confirms That The Down Trend Has Resumed Again

And My View Is That Now Onwards We Are Bound To See SOME SERIOUS SELLING PRESSURE Across All Sectors Which Will Create Panic In Next 2-3 Months Time

A Close Below 8315 & 8200 Will Take NIFTY Below 7950 And Then The PANIC Selling Will Get Initiated

As Usual If Charts Suggests This A REASON Will Come From Anywhere .

One More Study Says That 7502-7512 For NIFTY Is A Distinct Possibility In Near Future If NIFTY ANalysis Done Here Proves Correct

Thursday, July 9, 2015

An Update

Our Markets Are Yet To Panic Considering The Greece And Now Chinese Turmoil

How Long Will We Sustain ?

If NF Can Give A Close Above 8482 In next 1-2 Days We May Easily Reach 8900

But A Close Below 8300 And More So A Close Below 8200 Will Have Severe Negative Impact On Sentiments Here As Well

Watch The 200 DEMA As Well ,Which is At 8218

Failure Of A Seemingly Inverted H&S To Have A Big Upside Will Also Open Up Further Down Side Targets For NIFTY