Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Calls on

Date Script Buy/Sell Hint Rate Stoploss Target Result
24-12-09 Nifty 5200 Call Buy 26 16 High 50
24-12-09 Nifty Dec Fut Buy Above 5164 5164 5149 SL triggered
24-12-09 Nifty Dec Fut Buy Around 5130 5134 5124 High 5208
24-12-09 Nifty Dec Fut Buy Above 5183 (pre Market) 5183 High 5208
24-12-09 Litl Buy 565 7 Rs 572
24-12-09 Rel Infra Buy 1096 1108
24-12-09 Tata Steel Buy 606 598 615 High 619
23-12-09 5100 Put Buy Add more above 72 68 High 86
23-12-09 Nifty Buy Above 5000 High 5158
23-12-09 Icici bank Buy At 854 866
23-12-09 Rel cap Buy Above 840
23-12-09 Bhel Buy At 2318 2318 10 Rs 2355
23-12-09 Larsen Buy At 1665 1665 1685
23-12-09 Hdil Buy At 356 356 365
23-12-09 Dlf Buy At 366 366 375 on 24 dec
22-12-09 Nfty Buy If trades above 5000 High 5158

Saturday, December 26, 2009

happy christmas to all my known---unknown readers

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

watch 5183 again

looking at the strength of yesterdays bull candle,,,this time around,, 5183 could be only a minor resistance.

and, if 5183 is taken out easily....than we are to see, 5326 soon.

readers must remember, that the rounding top pattern, that i suspected, could have been complete had nifty broken the support line, drawn on nifty chart, with the pattern.
and i also clearly wrote , that strong bearishness will be seen only after we close below 4860.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


TODAY morning i said , a big move in nifty on the cards,,,,i thought it would be on the downside, after it makes a lower top......but nifty thought otherwise !!!!!!!!!!

how to catch it ?????

answer was my system...on my website i wrote even yesterday..that buy nifty above 5000...
MY system started generating buy calls from 5027 today.

so many traders asked abt 4700 target.
1) on 15th i said , a bounce back will come from 4924-4950...yesterday i said a lower top coming,,,,means what???...not this strong but a rise was expected surely !!!!

3) i also said,,,that 5078 shouldnt be crossed if the rise is going tobe weak.

now what my system suggested around 5078.....1 sell call around 5073 and than plenty of buy calls above 5080....

how many buy calls intraday were given today ?????
plenty !!!!!

here goes the list

buy nifty above 5000
buy icici bank at 854
buy r cap above 840
buy 5100 put at 68 add more above 72
buy bhel at 2318 with 10 rs sl
buy larsen at 1665
buy hdil at 356
buy dlf at 366

all in all, a great day even for my options trader.
but i must admit that,,i would have been a total FAILURE today,,,had i not developed a mechanised system and had i not been this much flexible.!!!!

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A big move is on the cards, in nifty

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A lower TOP coming ??

WE have seen a very very IMPORTANT TOP in place at 5183.
expanding structure on intraday charts was my first clue of a TOP ,in place.
on 15th dec i suggested ,downside targets of 5007----4950--4924,,,my condition was 5078, not tobe breached.bulls tried hard, twice in 2 days, one high was 5072 second was 5007 was broken, yesterday we had touched 4934.

with , short term oscillators in oversold zone,,we may see another WEAK rise.
AS per basic dow theory, on daily charts we are yet to see,,a LOWER TOP-LOWER BOTTOM, formation.
with supports at 4910-4950,,,from here onwards, we may see a weaker rise , which will be a lower top to 5183.before a crash, which will meet the ROUNDING TOP targets around 4700---15900, for nifty -----sensex respectively.

readers, must remember my chart of sbi,where i suggested a top h&s in bank too have broken an important trendline.

all in all,,,,as i suspect a major top in place,,the coming rise SHOULD BE WEAK,,, to confirm my view.
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Monday, December 21, 2009

4950 done !!!!!


THE PATTERN completes with the break of support line drawn on chart.only than we can have the suggested targets.

and do not forget my supports at 4950-4910...expect a bounce back..( should be weak),,which could be a lower top against 5182..and than we may see the crack below support line, to complete the pattern.


Sunday, December 20, 2009


nifty and sensex are in the process of making a ROUNDING TOP reversal pattern formation,,,giving initial targets at around 4700 for nifty and 15900 for sensex


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Friday, December 18, 2009


Nifty actually moved, in a small range,, had even given a false break out above one mentioned level of 5043....but luckily, i didnot gave any buy call at that break. also the spurt was very short- lived.

also, exactly at the same time, my system was generating sell calls on 5 min charts for reliance.

so ,i just waited n waited...before finally, i found the fall started with huge volumes.
a sell was triggered and 5004 was gone in split seconds.

depending upon, world markets though...but expect a bounce back from 4910-4950, next week.
should that bounce ,remain weak...4860 can be in danger.
but ,i will update , daily for the crucial mooves, in coming days.


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Somehow,,, even after having sell calls on hourly charts.
i have a feeling that nifty may not breach my first supports 5008 that easily....and if the sideways structure remains MAY not touch 4950..even if 5004 is breached for short term.

there can be a good upmove above 5043.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


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For bullishness nifty had to trade above 5078..........yesterdays high was 5072 todays high was 5069, and on the lower side too,,my first target which is naturally a support also,,was 5008,
yesterdays nifty low was 5004 , and today it was 5008.

now what next????.......the hourly structure seems tobe a distribution, with my system generating sell calls on hourly charts.
i think we are headed for 4950-4924-4910, very soon.
but expect a strong bounce back from these levels.

remember, no great bearishness till we close below 4860.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


i suspested the drag between 5100-5180 tobe a distribution.

there were few strong counters like bhel and lt...which looked positive...but than i couldnt ignore signal generated from hdfc and r-pack and few banking counters.

it was a tough call to term the phase as distribution,,,but eventually it proved tobe distribution only.
unless nifty trades above 5078..we will see lower levels like 5007-----4950---4924.

the major loosers among index counters were..axis,,icici,,r pack..precisely as i mentioned here.

Monday, December 14, 2009

A FALSE break-out

The expected break-out happened ,the other day,,even new high was made...but by 1 point only!!!!!!!!!!!..very very tricky markets.

the more the drag in between 5100-5180..the more severe correction on the down side should come.
latest by tomorrow,,,if nifty is not able to breach 5190 on the upside..the side ways move in so many stocks...which generally looks like,,consolidation...will infact prove to be DISTRIBUTION.

STOCKS like rel infra,,r-cap,reliance,,icici,,axis can suffer most, if now nifty breaches 5081--5049.

Friday, December 11, 2009


SO,yet another day passed on exactly in between,,those two trendlines.

markets still waiting for that decisive move..beyond those two lines.
on hourly basis..nifty need to close below ROUGHLY 5105 for a steep downside fall or above 5145....5153 for an upside move which could easily make new highs for nifty for 2009.

acc,grasim,india cement, hdil ,litl. and sail seems poised for the upside my opinion positions should be taken, on a break out for nifty.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BELOW 5025/5000 4965 POSSIBLE

Hi, all please view the attached chart, for next supports and also targets.

The falling trendline will be resistance for any upside corrective rallies.

Monday, December 7, 2009

5049 DONE

todays f nifty low was 5050,,our target from thursday was 5049,which is done.

now, if 5080 is not captured in a hurry ,or morning gap-up than,theres a high probability of nifty touching 5000 and 4940 around within 1-2 days.

Friday, December 4, 2009

resistancce works for nifty

Nifty got Resisted at around 5183 ,on last two days..i mentioned 1 target for nifty to be 5049 ,but today with bearishness in dow & asian markets, at the WEAK open nifty made made low of 5085,,bounced back upto 5170 and crashed upto 5178..and closed again at 5130.

now, just read this messege posted here on 2nd dec.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


A strong move below 5103,,will take nifty upto 5089-5079 and a move below these levels will take nifty upto an important support levels of 5041..and a close below 5040 and we may see a strong down move atleast upto 4937-4860.

and WATCH todays lows..first 5085 next 5078.
this is precisely how levels given here works for nifty.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


A strong move below 5103,,will take nifty upto 5089-5079 and a move below these levels will take nifty upto an important support levels of 5041..and a close below 5040 and we may see a strong down move atleast upto 4937-4860.

a real directional move will depend upon how,severe crash comes in ,weaker stocks like,
icici,sbi,bhel,larsen,rel infra and reliance capital.

watch for these stocks, and nifty levels,,tobe guided in near future.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

unitech today



5000 for nifty ...crucial

Bearish moves,which seem to have all characters of panic sell-offs,suddenly gets disappeared, at our supports. a character of bull markets. but markets clearly unable to hold even higher levels,without participation of banking and reality sectors.

A strong move above 5075 can some how drag nifty around 5150 again,,,but on the other hand bears will be taking control under 5000,,,4990 for dec f nifty.

and ESPECIALLY if nifty closes below these levels, we may see another leg of down move.

DONT forget 4860 on closing basis, coz. if now onwards, a close below 4860, will put 4536 under threat.